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We sell Crude Palm Oil (CPO), Palm Acid Oil (PAO), Palm Fatty Acid Distillate (PFAD), RBD Palm Olein (CP10, CP8) and RBD Palm Oil (RBD PO) globally. To guarantee the quality of products, we buy from RSPO suppliers and before loading for export, all shipments are inspected and certified by globally recognized independent inspection and testing companies such as SGS / Intertek / Geo-Chem thereby assuring that only the correct specification is supplied. We understand that aggressive pricing must match with punctual delivery. Our buyers can always count on us to be reliably punctual to match with their supply plans and avoid funds / credit lines get tied up for too long in any 1 trade. To guarantee the quality of products, we subject each of our products to stringent quality control measures thereby assuring that only the best product reaches the market. We believe in ensuring a long-lasting, stable business relationship with our suppliers while offering the best opportunity for our customers to become the leader in their market through excellent service and aggressive pricing.


Quality Assurance

Our aim is to offer on spec quality products to our clients. Our expert team of specialists always ensure that the products are in accordance with the required specifications and certified by companies such as SGS / Intertek / Geochem.


Client Satisfaction

With our ethical business policies, we supply from RSPO certified sources and give aggressive pricings. In addition to this, we also offer customized services as per the specifications given by our clients.

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We believe the best way to maintain our client's trust is to exceed their expectations in every single interaction. That means offering client-centric service, and never failing to deliver on our promises.



Other than buying from RSPO members, we care deeply about sustainable palm oil and our business processes centre around this in mind.

crude-palm oil


FFA (as Palmatic) : 5% max M&I : 0.50 % max Melting Point : 33-37 DegC Max



FFA (as Palmatic) : 0.10% max M&I : 0.10% max Iodine Value(Wijs) : 56 min Melting Point : 24 Deg C max Colour : 3 Red max



FFA(as Palmatic) : 0.10% Max M&I : 0.10% Max Iodine Value(Wijs) : 50-55 Melting Point : 33-39 DegC Colour : 3 Red max

palm fatty acid distalate (pfad)


Saponifiable Fatty Matter : 95% min(basis 97%) M&I : 1.00% max FFA (as Palmatic) : 70% min

Palm Acid Oil (PAO)


Total Fatty Matter : 95% max M&I : 3% max FFA (as Palmatic) : 50% min



FFA (as Palmatic) : 5.00% max M&I : 0.25% max Iodine Value(Wijs) : 56 min Melting Point : 24 DegC max

We develop and provide value-adding solutions

Above giving aggressive prices, we are focused on constantly bringing forth the best for our clients. Since the beginning of our trading journey, we have shipped the best array of vegetable oils to our global clientele with proper certification and a guarantee of quality and purity. Our company's professional staff have more than 10 years of experience and every one of us will only offer the best quality and on-spec products.


Crude Palm Oil (CPO)

Optimum quality and longer serving life derived from pulp of oil palms

Crude Palm oil is an edible oil derived from the pulp of oil palms. It is naturally reddish in colour as it contains high amounts of beta-carotene. Its scientific name is Elaeis guineensis.

Palm Acid Oil (PAO)

Plant oil derived from the fruit of the Arecaceae Elaeis oil palm

Palm Acid Oil (PAO) is a by-product of the chemical refining of palm oil and consists of FFA (over 50%) and neutral oil, with 2-3% moisture. It is very similar to palm fatty acid distillate (PFAD), but its FFA is generally lower.

Palm Fatty Acid Distillate (PFAD)

Cheap and Reliable raw material in biofuels production

PFAD stands for Palm Fatty Acid Distillate. It is a processing residue resulting from the physical refining of crude palm oil products. At room temperature it is a light brown semi-solid, melting to a brown liquid on heating.

RBD Palm Olein (CP10, CP8)

Best Price of RBD Palm Olein for Worldwide Destinations

RBD Palm Olein is Refined with Saturate Protected formula, which helps to reduce oil absorption during Cooking and Frying. It is Tasteless and Odorless formula, which means when you eat, then you taste the food and not the oil.

RBD Palm Oil (RBD PO)

Leading supplier of RBD palm oil in the global market.

RBD Palm oil is refined, bleached and deodorized edible vegetable oil derived from the fruit of oil palm trees. Our refined palm olein oil is transparent, clear, low in color, bland taste & odor and passes the international cold test.

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